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  1. A Guide to Men's Mental Health

    A Guide to Men's Mental Health
    Most people know about the hormonal fluctuations women experience, especially during menstruation and menopause. This is because women's health problems are more visible and talked about than men's.  However, this doesn't mean men don't go through hormonal changes in their lives. This blog discusses the health problems men are likely to face but not express. It also suggests what men...
  2. A Guide to Keeping Your Bones Healthy for Life

    A Guide to Keeping Your Bones Healthy for Life
    Bones are the foundation of our bodies - they provide structure, support, and protection for our organs. This blog provides practical tips and advice on keeping your bones strong and healthy for life, helping you reduce your risk of osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions. It also emphasizes how a calcium and magnesium supplement may help you maintain bone health. The...
  3. Inflammation and Long-Term Impact of Chronic Inflammation

    Inflammation and Long-Term Impact of Chronic Inflammation
    What Is Inflammation? The defence mechanism of your body, also called the immune system, is an intricate network of cells, organs, and tissues that enable your body to fight against harmful substances. This system encompasses white blood cells, the thymus, lymph nodes, bone marrow, tonsils, lymph vessels, and spleen.  Inflammation is the signalling system that activates the defence mechanism of...
  4. The Effects of Supplement Bioavailability on Joint Pains

    The Effects of Supplement Bioavailability on Joint Pains
    Joint pains are common in almost every part of the world. Many patients use supplements to reduce inflammation in joints and tissues. However, despite using such products, the inflammation doesn’t go away. Do you wonder why? While using supplements to overcome joint pains is a good plan, checking their bioavailability is the most crucial part. We will dive into the...
  5.  New era Gut Disorders

     New era Gut Disorders
    Contrary to what you may think. Gut disorders are far more common than most diseases. With more than 62 million Americans suffering from some digestive disorder. Moreover, these disorders become more prevalent with age. However, these problems go beyond the compounds of the digestive tract, with the gut-brain axis resulting in mental problems caused by digestive ones.  Below, we discuss...
  6. Facts about Andropause

    Facts about Andropause
    Have you ever heard about male menopause? Most people might not know, but men also experience hormonal changes as they age, although the type and intensity of those changes are not the same as women. This condition is also known as andropause. Read on to discover interesting facts about andropause, its symptoms, and the importance of vitamins for prostate health...
  7. Myths of Liver Disease

    Myths of Liver Disease
    Did you know the liver is known as a silent organ? This is because liver diseases don’t usually come with a visible set of symptoms. Even if some symptoms show up early, people often disregard them as another, less serious health issue. As a result, liver diseases usually remain undiagnosed for decades until the damage gets out of hand.  One...
  8. Importance of Vitamin D Supplements in Winters

    Importance of Vitamin D Supplements in Winters
    We have officially entered the winter season, which is pretty apparent with the sound of Christmas carols at every corner and the fresh smell of snow. With the excitement of the holidays, one can usually forget to keep their vitamin D levels in check, which is essential during the winter.  Yes, the sunshine vitamin level can drop seriously low, particularly...
  9. Turmeric: From Ancient to Modern Times

    Turmeric: From Ancient to Modern Times
    Turmeric, also known as the golden spice, has played a vital role in the history of medicine since ancient times. It has been documented that turmeric was an important medicinal spice used over 4000 years ago in the subcontinent.  This flavorful spice is grown in Southeast Asia and gives curry its vivid yellow color. Turmeric is generally grown from the...

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