Joint pains are common in almost every part of the world. Many patients use supplements to reduce inflammation in joints and tissues. However, despite using such products, the inflammation doesn’t go away. Do you wonder why? While using supplements to overcome joint pains is a good plan, checking their bioavailability is the most crucial part. We will dive into the details of supplement bioavailability and its role in producing effects on body parts.

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability refers to the extent to which the primary constituent of a pharmaceutical drug or a supplement reaches during blood circulation. If we translate this into simpler terms, the part or amount of supplement responsible for producing active effects on the body part after entering the bloodstream is known as the bioavailability of that drug.

When we use medicines, they enter our digestive system and pass onto the circulatory system organs for proper cellular supply. Since medication products are meant to be used in prescribed doses, overconsumption can lead to health problems. Doctors prescribe doses to patients based on the bioavailability factor.

How Is it Measured?

Measuring the bioavailability of pharmaceutical products requires evaluating the peak plasma concentration, peak time, and area under the curve. These factors are variable for each product. Here, the peak of plasma concentration refers to the maximum drug concentration obtained after examining the single drug dose. Scientists represent this value in ug/ml or mg/ml.

The peak time refers to the time required to get the peak concentration of the product (drug) after a thorough examination. This value indicates the absorption rate expressed as minutes or hours.

What Are the Challenges With Bioavailability

When getting supplements to treat illnesses like joint pains and other problems, you may encounter a few bioavailability issues with the chosen supplements. Various factors influence the effectiveness of a supplement. Most importantly, the decisive factor is how a person’s body responds to certain compounds (present in pharmaceutical drugs). Many patients respond negatively to tested pharmaceutical products.

However, others share positive feedback for using the same drugs. Before jumping to a conclusion, talking to your doctor can save you from false judgments. For instance, your doctor may prescribe you an alternative to avoid the negative impact.

Apart from the supplement issues, there are various challenges to achieving optimal bioavailability. We have covered a few influencing factors below for your understanding.

Supplement Formulation

Some supplements absorb nutrients better than other supplements. Such variations may alter the effectiveness of the product. Before getting a supplement with the best vitamins for joints and ligaments, you may consult your doctor to understand the formulation. Your doctor may advise you on appropriate consumption practices for the best results.

Delivery Method

The delivery method of supplements may affect the effectiveness of some supplements. For instance, some supplements produce better results when consumed as tablets. Others are more effective when used as liquids. It all comes down to the supplement’s formulation and purpose. When getting one of the best supplements for arthritis in joints, you may thoroughly study the details and talk to your doctor to decide on optimal doses.

Choice of Meal

The choice of your meal can impact the results of a supplement. Doctors might advise patients to take certain medicines after lunch or dinner. The idea is to ensure the best meal choice to achieve the most desirable results. Some supplements have fat-soluble nutrients that dissolve better in certain foods. Others may include water-soluble nutrients. Talking to a healthcare expert before starting a supplement can help you develop a suitable diet plan.

Substance Interaction

Other substances (or medicines) in your body may interact with the supplement and cause complications. You may check the cautions listed on supplement packs before consumption to avoid any problems. Many pharmaceutical drugs contain compounds that may react with other medicines when consumed. Although most supplements are safe to use, consulting your doctor before taking one can save you from unprecedented outcomes. Moreover, you can ask your doctor to recommend the best supplement according to your health history.

Gastric Secretions

People with poor gastrointestinal health may notice adverse reactions to supplement intake. Such instances occur due to acid secretions in the stomach that react with the supplement compounds. When we eat, our stomach produces various secretions to break down nutrients and absorb them. In case of poor digestive organ health, these secretions may interact with other substances and cause health complications. Talking to a healthcare expert can save you from such incidents.

The Use of Phased-Release Technology

The use of phased-release technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing is a much-appreciated development. By using this method, pharmaceutical experts formulate supplements such that they produce their effects in a controlled manner. When you use a supplement for (let’s suppose) pain relief, the phased-release technology optimizes the compound release over a specific period (a few hours) to ensure effective results.

Phased release prevents substance interaction and overdoses in the body. You can initiate the prescribed treatment (like other medicines) and notice the positive effects. With the help of this modern technique, you can let go of your joint pains, chronic illnesses, and other health problems.

The phased release works well with various problems. For instance, joint pains are among the most common problems around the globe. Patients take medicines and supplements to relieve the discomfort. While some pains go away, others stick due to an improper supply of nutrients. This is where phased release comes to the rescue. You can notice significant improvements using a supplement with phased control.

Arthritis and other joint-pain patients often feel the need for effective supplements. If you need supplements to treat osteoarthritis, a phased-release product like Flexezy ER can effectively meet your demands. Such supplements contain optimal amounts of nutrients and vital minerals that promote better joint health. You can use it in prescribed doses to notice the effective results. A good rule of thumb is to talk to your healthcare expert to decide on appropriate doses throughout the week.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is recommended that a physician be consulted before taking any supplements. Results are not typical and may vary.