Have you ever heard about male menopause? Most people might not know, but men also experience hormonal changes as they age, although the type and intensity of those changes are not the same as women. This condition is also known as andropause. Read on to discover interesting facts about andropause, its symptoms, and the importance of vitamins for prostate health.

Fact 1: The Actual Definition of Andropause 

Let's go through a more precise definition: Andropause refers to the hormonal changes in middle-aged and older men caused by the decrease in testosterone levels produced by their bodies over time. In men, testosterone produced by testicles is a sexual hormone vital for the reproduction, growth, and maintenance of a healthy body. 

Fact 2: The Common Symptoms of Andropause

The hormonal changes caused by an age-related deficiency in testosterone levels can be both physical and emotional in nature. Common andropause symptoms include erectile dysfunction, mood swings, baldness, hot flashes, and loss of muscle. Vitamins for prostate health may help relieve some of these symptoms for men.

Fact 3: Andropause Doesn't Cause Infertility

This point describes one of the most significant differences between andropause and menopause. 

For women, the onset of menopause usually marks the end of a woman's biological clock. Simply put, the ability to ovulate and fall pregnant significantly drops in women during and after the menopausal stage. Infertility for women in and after menopause is currently considered irreversible, but research on making them temporarily fertile is in progress.

For men, andropause doesn't mark the end of their fertility. Men can usually produce sperm throughout their lives, although the quantity and quality decrease with age. The quantity and quality of sperm may be improved by taking vitamins for prostate health. 

Conclusively, andropause may lead to a decline in male fertility, but it doesn't make men completely infertile. Let's take a numeric example – if a man is over the age of 45, it may take him and his partner almost five times longer to conceive than a man aged 25 or under. 

Fact 4: Andropause Results From Not a Sudden but a Gradual Drop in Testosterone Levels

Here comes another essential difference between menopause and andropause! 

The production of vital hormones like estrogen and progesterone declines rapidly in a woman's body around the age of 40. Once these hormones start to decline, women stop ovulating within a few months. This decline comes with numerous symptoms, apparent enough to signify the arrival of menopause.

Comparatively, andropause is a less intense and less abrupt process. In other words, the hormonal changes in men are so gradual that their effects are not always apparent until a lot later in the process. It can take up to years for testosterone in men to drop to a level significant enough to be diagnosed as andropause. 

Fact 5: Andropause Doesn't Necessarily Affect All Men

All women, except those who had their ovaries removed by surgery as a child, experience menopause in their lives. Although not in the same age or manner, all women are likely to feel menopausal symptoms of some type and extent. 

In contrast, andropause doesn't necessarily affect all men. The testosterone level in some men doesn't ever decline to the point of being diagnosed with andropause. Men taking vitamins for prostate health may not have to worry about andropause until a much later stage in life. 

Fact 6: Andropause Is Not a Serious Illness 

Andropause is not a disease or an illness; it just refers to the hormonal changes caused by the natural aging process in men. 

Although it may lead to many symptoms (like reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, reduced muscle mass, hot flashes, etc.), these symptoms don't appear all at once. In fact, these symptoms are not just restricted to andropause; they may even originate from some other health problem. So, it's important to get checked by a doctor and rule out other possibilities as early as possible.  

Other health conditions that share symptoms of andropause and low testosterone levels are hypogonadism (retardation of sexual growth and development), diabetes, or high blood pressure. 

Fact 7: Vitamins for Prostate Health May Help Your Body Make Testosterone

When the testosterone levels in a male's body drop, it becomes very challenging to replenish them naturally. This is where a good prostate supplement can help! 

The vitamins for prostate health may help your body make more testosterone or relieve some symptoms caused by low testosterone levels. Some well-known prostate care vitamins contain effective ingredients like saw palmetto and pygeum. 

Saw Palmetto 

Saw palmetto is one of the most common ingredients you can find in an effective prostate supplement. It is a kind of palm that originates from the Southeastern United States. The anti-inflammatory properties of Saw Palmetto's berries and extracts have been known to help with urinary tract problems arising from a condition called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate gland enlargement. However, further research is needed to confirm the potential advantages and appropriate dosage of the Saw Palmetto supplement for maintaining prostate health.


Pygeum is the name of an herbal extract from the bark of the African Cherry Tree. This extract is said to reduce inflammation caused by prostatitis and help prevent cancerous cells' growth. 

A popular study on pygeum proves that a pygeum supplement may help improve urinary flow measures and relieve other symptoms of prostate gland enlargement. Despite the limitations of this research, pygeum supplements appeared to be safe with minimal reported side effects. 

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