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OC-MAX: 120 caplets

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Made in USA | Best c-GMCP quality | Only one in the US, novel formula from Rawleigh’s Physicians Signature range with protease enzymes – technology from silkworms  for comprehensive, OTC, natural heart health support | Potent 800mg plant sterols - (40% beta-sitesterol with other vital sterols)| Added power of 88mg royal jelly |  Pure 800mg bee pollen | Serrazimes™ - protease enzymes 33.34mg – patented, smart German silkworm-based technology - an exclusive proteolytic enzyme system designed as an enzymatic alternative to serratiopeptidase| Rosehips 100mg for added support  | Three proven chelators disodium EDTA,  S.H.M.P. – sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium alginate for non-invasive oral chelation | Lipoid Acid and Vitamin B12 too| Easy-to-swallow caplets | No added preservatives

Crafted thoughtfully, with the finest, purest, all-natural ingredients, OC- Max brings non-invasive, oral chelation to your homes. Combining potent plant sterols with hand-picked ingredients from nature - royal jelly (the queen bee's food), bee pollen, vitamin B12, rosehips, this product unleashes the power of silkworm enzymes - protease enzymes. This is German science at its finest. 


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Category: Cardio Nutrition

What you get: Each bottle contains 120 caplets

Recommended Dosage: Two caplets a day

What it contains:

Each caplet contains

- 400 mg of Plant sterols (49% beta-sitosterol 400 mg * with other sterols) [daily dose of 800 mg of Plant sterols]

- 25 mg of Disodium EDTA [daily dose of 50 mg of Disodium EDTA],

- 25 mg of Sodium Hexametaphosphate (S.H.M.P) [daily dose 50 mg of Sodium Hexametaphosphate]

- 16.67mg of Protease enzymes (20,000 U) (SerrazymesTM) [daily dose of 33.34 mg of Protease enzymes]

- 44 mg of Royal jelly (from 12.58 mg of 44 mg 3.5x concentrate) [daily dose of 88 mg of Royal jelly]

- 3 mcg of Vitamin B12 (125% cyanocobalamin) [daily dose of 6 mcg of Vitamin B12]

- 400 mcg of Bee pollen [daily dose of 800 mcg of Bee pollen],

- 25 mg of Sodium alginate [daily dose 50 mg of Sodium alginate]

- 5 mg of Alpha-Lipoic acid [daily dose of 10 mg of Alpha-Lipoic acid]

- 50 mg of Rosehips [daily dose of 100 mg of Rosehips]

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Q: Can children and teenagers take OC-MAX?

A: We recommend that you review all nutritional supplements with your pediatrician prior to use.

Q: Can pregnant women take OC MAX?

A: We recommend that you review all nutritional supplements with your physician prior to use. In particular, pregnant and nursing women should always work with their doctors regarding vitamin intake to ensure that they are not over or under supplementing. The safety of use of OC max during pregnancy and breast-feeding hasn’t been established. Don’t use OC Max if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.