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Double Strength Vanilla Flavoring: 355ml

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Made in USA | Best quality - Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified facility | Extracted from top quality Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, most popular vanilla | Bourbon Vanilla is rich, dark and creamy flavor with a sweet and buttery aroma | A premium double force flavoring to upgrade your dessert spread | Non - GMO | Free of corn syrup, and gluten-free | Superior flavor and aromatic qualities |

For a delicious, rich-vanilla flavor, use Rawleigh Double Strength Vanilla made from top quality Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. It's twice as strong as other vanilla flavorings in the marketplace. Try adding just a few drops of Rawleigh Double Strength Vanilla. Within a short amount of time your whole house will carry the welcoming fragrance of fresh baking!




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Category: Flavoring

Used for -

Beverages: Glass of milk, Morning Coffee, Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Baking: Pancake Batter, Vanilla Flavored Cake,

Frosting: Vanilla Frosting, Vanilla Flavored Meringue

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Alcohol, Pure Vanilla Extract, Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavors, Caramel Color. 




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Q: Is it alcohol free?

A: No, the flavor does use alcohol.

Q: Is it dark in color?

A: Yes, it is dark in color.