The fitness and gymming industry has seen many phases over the decades. When the idea of lifting was introduced, a few males adopted it, while the rest spoke against it. The lack of research was the major reason healthcare experts and others were against strength training. However, with more research and exposure, the trend eventually fits into the healthy lifestyle equation. Fast forward to this day, gymming has altered its course, with more people relying on weights than treadmills. We will discuss the new trends in gymming, as highlighted by the Planet Fitness CEO and other experts in this read.

The Post-Pandemic Context

When COVID arrived, people were homebound for a few months, carrying out work-related activities remotely. With more time to spend indoors, people had a chance to revisit their lifestyle and analyze their poor habits. One of the concerning factors was physical fitness. As a result of this self-reflection, many joined gyms soon after COVID-19 to achieve a healthy lifestyle with physical training.

The research on the health benefits of strength training spiked the trend in fitness facilities, allowing men and women to join weight training programs with an equal interest. According to industry experts, the pandemic led more people to join weight training sessions than before. People arrived at gyms to have access to proper weight training equipment.

If we review the stats from 2021, the number of gym memberships in the U.S. increased by 3.6% from pre-COVID times. While this situation has been highly fortunate for gyms and fitness facilities, it also highlights a shift in the gymming trend.

The Rising Popularity of Strength Training

Recently, the Planet Fitness CEO, Chris Rondeau, gave an interview on CNN about the shifting trend in the fitness industry. He highlighted the rising popularity of fitness training in gyms across the country. 

Based on his analysis during the post-pandemic period, Chris found that more people are spending time lifting dumbbells and taking on functional exercises.

People spend fewer minutes on cardio as compared to pre-pandemic times. Chris also highlighted how the shifting interests have led to new gym designs. With more people focusing on functional exercises, the need for free space in gyms has significantly increased. 

Unlike those days when gyms aimed to accommodate as many machines in the space, gyms nowadays focus on leaving open space for people to utilize as preferred.

Regarding the financial perspective, Chris mentioned that the new trend has enabled gyms like Planet Fitness to recover their pandemic-forced losses. The Planet Fitness stock (PLNT) has completely recovered, touching an all-time high the previous year.

Understanding the Core Benefits of Strength Training

The insights shared by Chris Rondeau shed sufficient light on the new trends in gymming. With more health benefits being revealed, the need for strength training has taken over everyone’s minds. Lifting dumbbells is not limited to males anymore. If you explore modern gym facilities today, you will find an equal number of men and women with an interest in weight training.

Moreover, women are more inclined to follow training plans than ever before. They have risen above the stereotypical barriers and health-related myths to opt for a healthy lifestyle. We have covered the core benefits below to better understand how strength training pays off.

Enhanced Metabolism

Weight training is an excellent way of enhancing your metabolism. Whether following a fitness plan or training for a healthy body, you may notice a change in how your body responds to foods. The reason behind enhanced metabolism is the muscle’s ability to burn more resting calories than fat. As you lift weights, your muscle size increases, ensuring a good body-weight balance.

Enhanced metabolic activity promotes healthy organ function in the body, eliminating the chances of several diseases in the long run. Please note that weight training may have varying effects on metabolic activity and may not produce the same results for everyone. You may seek a fitness expert’s help when aiming to achieve this goal.

Improved Bone Health

Strength training stresses your bones, making them denser and stronger in the long run. Maintaining a consistent training routine improves bone health and keeps you active throughout the day. Weight training especially pays off in young adulthood. At this time, individuals are ready to take on new challenges and work on themselves for a healthy lifestyle.

More importantly, resistance training minimizes the risk of osteoporosis and other bone diseases. For more information, you should consult a fitness trainer before joining a training session to ensure that you optimize your time in the gym.

Enhanced Functional Strength

A vital benefit of strength training is enhanced functional strength. When you lift weights and develop compound muscles, the training activity enables you to mimic those experiences outside the gym. For instance, you can carry heavier items to move them around in the house. Similarly, you develop a “can do” attitude due to having more confidence in yourself.

As you train your muscles, you train your mind to take on more challenging experiences than before. Since modern-day environments are highly dependent on digital tools, people are more likely to retreat within themselves, leading to mental conditions like depression and anxiety.

Working out can help people let go of this negative energy, as increased functional strength can lead to a better mind-body connection, leading to improved overall conduct.

Healthy Aging Process

Aging is a natural process that affects us all. However, your lifestyle predicts how good or bad the process will be. When you focus on strength training, your muscle tissues become stronger, enabling you to stay physically fit for longer. Despite aging, you might be able to perform many activities that others (of the same age) might not be able to do.

Seeking a fitness trainer’s assistance to determine the best strength training routines can benefit you in the long run. You can also prevent various diseases and health conditions caused by aging.

The Takeaway

The above discussion analyzes the new trends in gymming and highlights how strength training has become the new favorite for fitness enthusiasts in the U.S. Going through the insights of the Planet Fitness CEO can help you grasp the significance of weight training. Before you hit the gym, we suggest seeking an expert’s help to determine what’s best for you.

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